Equinox Equestrian Center is a private facility featuring excellent horse care, a state-of-the-art barn, and all the amenities necessary for an event or dressage horse. Owned and operated by active riders with a true passion for the care and well-being of the horse, the Center is designed for customers who wish to board their horses and train with top-class trainers. Our goal is to utilize a team approach with an emphasis on clear communication to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of every rider and his/her horse(s).

Equinox Equestrian Center features a 16-stall barn, a covered arena, and an outdoor arena with cross-country obstacles and a longeing pen.

Designed from the ground up to be safe and comfortable for both the horse and rider, Equinox Equestrian Center incorporates the latest technology in horse care. The Center features Comfortstall™ Flooring in stalls to reduce strain on horses’ legs, premium footing in the arenas, compressed rubber flooring in all aisleways, horse waterers that provide an accurate measurement of the amount a horse is drinking, and an architectural design that maximizes airflow in the barn.

All together, these amenities provide the most comfortable environment currently available for horses, while minimizing the amount of daily labor required:

Barn featuring sixteen 12′ x 16′ stalls with Comfortstall™ Flooring, rubber mats on the walls, and Nelson™ waterers. Six grooming and wash rack areas with warm water and two tack rooms centrally located on either side of the grooming areas. The barn also contains an office, a restroom with a shower, and a utility room with a washer and dryer.

Large indoor feed room where all the horse feed is stored safely and neatly.

Covered arena, enclosing a full-sized 20m x 60m dressage court with mirrors. This arena can also be used for jumping in wet weather. The arena features the most current premium blend of Apex sand and European felt and fiber upgraded by Dave Martin of Footings West. It also has a simple seating area, and lighting for night use.

Large outdoor 100′ x 200′ jump arena with water complex. The footing is a sand/rubber combination.

Longeing Pen. 20m in diameter, this arena also features a sand/rubber combination footing.

Galloping track stretching around the perimeter of the property. The track is used for conditioning, hacking, and warmup and cooldown. The footing is primarily sand & rubber.

Cross-country obstacles including banks, ditches and water. There are also areas suitable for setting up “portable” cross-country obstacles.

Ample Turnout with sufficient flat space for every horse to be out for at least 1 hour each day. The footing is sand, and the areas are large enough for horses to play in.

Spacious customer lounge in the barn that is suitable for holding meetings and barn parties. Large enough to hold 40 people, the space includes a bar, a TV and DVD for media viewing.

The staff at Equinox Equestrian Center provides regular maintenance. Arenas are dragged daily to ensure the evenness of the footing. The moisture level in the arenas is monitored and corrected every day. The experts at Footings West are brought in to laser level the footings as needed in both arenas. Knowledgeable and experienced staff provide expert horse care on a daily basis.